Decoding Nutrition Answers

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help you live a longer,

healthier and  more vital life!

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Weight Loss &  Maintenance

Have you tried every diet and nothing has worked? We create personalized nutrition & lifestyle plans designed uniquely for you.

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Training & Performance

Want to get to that next level? Plans targeted to your individual fitness strengths will get you to your performance goal.


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Longevity &

What is the key to a healthy, long, and adventurous life?  Let us help you determine your individual nutrition & lifestyle plan for longevity.


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Women's Health

Painful & emotional periods, fertility concerns, menopause symptoms out of control? Hormone balance is key through your entire life cycle. Unique nutrition & lifestyle plans can help you feel healthy & "normal" again.

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Genomic testing for precision solutions

Remove the guesswork with a detailed plan uniquely for you
Learn more about DNA testing and how modern dietitians can use 21st century medicine to deliver better, more successful, and personal solutions to your health.
Nutritional Cooking

Reasons to believe

You are unique. Your solution to optimal health should be too!


You've tried everything else and nothing works


You're struggling to make sense of all the nutritional advice.


You're wanting to reach that next level with your training & performance.


You're looking for a natural way to live your healthiest & happiest life.

Holding Yoga Mat

KH (36) - Business Owner

A mother of two, small business owner and a yoga enthusiast who was looking for a natural way to address issues with her gut health as well as additional ways to cope with stress and anxiety.


Image by Jeffrey F Lin

BH (20) - College Athlete

A college athlete looking to address nutrition deficiencies and hormone issues while dealing with the stressful demands of being a college student and competitive athlete.


CH (49) - Executive

A busy executive and competitive CrossFit fanatic looking to improve physical performance and gain a competitive advantage. 

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