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Decoding Nutrition

Virtually based personalized nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help you live a longer, healthier and more vital life!  I help busy people not only survive, but THRIVE!

My Personalized Approach

It's like putting a puzzle together or solving a riddle!  There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to health & well being.  
I consider your goals, your age, your current lifestyle, activity level, and gender to determine our approach.   And if you want to dive into genetics, that is often the final piece of the puzzle that gives us the map or your personal handbook to your unique biochemistry!


My name is Kyndra Hamblin RDN, NCSF-PT, GGS-1

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for over 25 years, I know there is no "one size fits all" approach to health and wellness.  If you are CONFUSED with all the nutrition noise out there, FRUSTRATED because you have tried all the latest diet trends without success, if you are TIRED of being sick and tired, still feel DRAINED and are nowhere near your goals; then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!  

After consulting people for years with the same standard advice and rarely seeing the lasting results people wanted, I now use a more comprehensive approach towards YOU! I focus on your GENETICS, STAGE OF LIFE, GENDER, ACTIVITY LEVEL, CURRENT LIFESTYLE,  and your GOALS to develop strategies that work for YOU!

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    Why did I create Decoding Nutrition Answers?

    2022 Best of Brambleton

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    Weight Loss &  Maintenance

    Have you tried every diet and nothing has worked? We create personalized nutrition & lifestyle plans designed uniquely for you.

    Learn More

    Training & Performance

    Want to get to that next level? Plans targeted to your individual fitness strengths will get you to your performance goal.


    Learn More

    Longevity &

    What is the key to a healthy, long, and adventurous life?  Let us help you determine your individual nutrition & lifestyle plan for longevity.


    Learn More

    Women's Health

    Painful & emotional periods, fertility concerns, menopause symptoms out of control? Hormone balance is key through your entire life cycle. Unique nutrition & lifestyle plans can help you feel healthy & "normal" again.

    Learn More

    Take a tour of a sample genetic test with me and find out  all the info you can discover about yourself!

    Nutritional Cooking

    Reasons to Believe

    You are unique. Your solution to optimal health should be too!


    You've tried everything else and nothing works


    You're struggling to make sense of all the nutritional advice.


    You're wanting to reach that next level with your training & performance.


    You're looking for a natural way to live your healthiest & happiest life.


    Brambleton, VA

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