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  • Can I use a DNA report from another company?
    3X4 Genetics is the ideal company I work with; however, if you have previously done a genetic report we support files from the following test providers: 23AndMe, Ancestry, Courtagen, Family Tree, My Heritage, Atlas, Dante Labs, Nebula, Map My Genome, Diagnomics, Genes For Good, DNA.Land, Illumina, Genos (Version 1), Genos (Version 2), Living DNA, iGene and whole genome files from DanteLabs and Neubula Genomics. We need the raw data forms from these companies to analyze the genetic variations. We utilize SelfDecode to evaluate the raw data files. Sample of 1 Individual Report
  • Is my genetic data safe?
    We do not sell or use your genetic information for research. We believe your data is your personal property and should be private. Your raw data will be stored under an ID number and not your name. We take the privacy of your information very seriously and will only utilize it with you during our counseling sessions. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.
  • Does insurance cover your services and can I use my HSA or FSA account?
    As of now we do not take insurance; however, we can create a superbill which is an itemized bill that you can submit to your insurance company to determine if it is a reimbursable service that they will cover. (What is a superbill? : Click here to find out more: ) Most FSA & HSA accounts will cover our services. There are times where your HSA/FSA cards will be declined; if that happens; just ask us for an itemized receipt in which you can submit to your HSA or FSA company. Any questions or concerns, please contact us, we are here to help.
  • What is the difference between using a genetic test I already have versus 3X4 Genetics test?
    3X4 Genetics is the most comprehensive and exclusive DNA report out there. We use 3X4 Genetics because they look at a large number of genetic variations and instead of looking at them in isolation, they look at them in combinations and create a complete unique picture just for you. The science behind 3X4 is based on years of extensive research and is both scientifically accurate and relevant. Every genetic variant has been backed by research and is only included if there is a scientific approach to improve health with nutrition or lifestyle interventions. If you have already had a genetic test completed, we can utilize the raw data from those tests to analyze any symptoms, issues or goals that you may have. These tests have less genetic variants to analyze compared to 3X4 Genetics; but can still be utilized to efficiently develop a plan to help you reach your goals. Please see our list of approved Genetic Tests under FAQ.
  • Do you only do DNA-based nutrition and training?
    Utilizing your unique genetic map is the quickest and most efficient way to see lasting results; but it is not the only way to get to the root of your concerns. If you do not have a genetic test or if you are not ready to get one done, don't worry we can get you to that ideal you. By analyzing your symptoms, your goals, your prior health journey, as well as your family history we can focus on patterns that show us where to start to create a lifestyle plan that allows you to reach your full potential.
  • How secure is my genetic data and report?
    Data privacy is a top priority for us. We treat your personal information with integrity. We safeguard your data and reports. All information and connections are encrypted using SSL and we follow HIPPA standards. For more details on how 3X4 genetics protects the data see How 3X4 Protects Genetic Data.
  • What company do you utilize for your genetic testing?
    3X4 Genetics is the most comprehensive and exclusive DNA report out there. They look at a large number of genetic variations and instead of looking at them in isolation, they look at them in combinations and create a complete unique picture just for you. The science behind 3X4 is based on years of extensive research and is both scientifically accurate and relevant. Every genetic variant has been backed by research and is only included if there is a scientific approach to improve health with nutrition or lifestyle interventions.
  • What are some examples of how my genetic test can help me more effectively reach my health goals?
    Let’s consider a very prevalent problem right now: bone disease, often identified as osteopenia or osteoporosis. The lifestyle treatment for bone disease (such as osteopenia or osteoporosis) often includes supplementing with Vitamins (D, D3, K2, and A) as well as minerals calcium and magnesium, incorporating exercise, and potentially being treated with medications by an endocrinologist. In this scenario, genetics can often help us uncover disruption in your biochemistry that may lead to oxidative stress, inflammation or nutrient deficiencies that extend far beyond Vitamin D and calcium. In other words, we often find solutions in places we would have never thought to look. As you are learning, your genes don’t hide any facts! They tell the story of who you are. We simply unpack your unique gene story and find the missing links that help restore your health.
  • Why do we recommend a genetic test?
    We recommend a genetic test in order to understand where the efficiencies in your biochemistry or “operating system” lie. These inefficiencies can lead to “dis-ease.” Using genetics, we can uncover imbalances and root causes where conventional medicine often misses. This saves time and often a lot of money for you.
  • Tell me more about the difference between tests I can buy at the store or order via the internet versus one that you would use?
    At-Home tests can fall into two categories: The ones you buy directly, or the ones a practitioner would use. The direct-to-consumer tests are ones you order and decipher yourself. You could consider them like ready-to-go toolboxes that will essentially tell you, "These are your genes, now go and do this.” These over-the-counter interpretations will most often produce results that tell you what diet is suitable for you, or which supplement is recommended for you. However, these tests don’t truly open up your genetics, or really detail the full wiring diagram of who you are. Our genetic reports are far more detailed and require interpretation with a licensed and trained clinician. This in-depth test allows us to evaluate the different biochemical pathways and the deepest parts of how you operate as an individual. As a clinician, we understand how you're wired, and are able to take the results of this genetic test and essentially peek under the hood in ways that no direct-to-consumer test can.
  • How can knowing my genetic blueprint help my nutrition...and health?
    Your genes are signposts that provide insights into possible nutrition weaknesses that can impact your health. Getting to know your genes is the best way to know which areas you can improve on your nutrition, and importantly, how. Think of a genomic test as helping you bypass hours and hours of guesswork, countless tests and money spent on different supplements and diets that, a lot of times, just don't work because they are neither pinpointing, nor addressing the root cause of the issue. For example, if there's a history of cardiovascular disease in your family, your genomic blueprint can help identify and explain where some genetics link to some of the health trends in your family, and whether those same gene patterns may pertain to you as well. Most importantly, we can put a plan in place for you right away to offset any risks or simply keep you on the right track because there are no gene-associated risks. How’s that for peace of mind?
  • How many times do I have to get a test?
    Usually, you will only need to have one genetic test in your lifetime. We like to think that your genes are stable and don’t change much over your lifetime. We do know however that traumatic events, debilitating environmental exposures, and periods of rapid growth can influence gene expression or behavior. Though traumatic events, stress, and environmental exposures often cause epigenetic changes that change how your genes behave, these changes do not happen day after day. For most individuals, one genetic test is good for a lifetime
  • Do genetic reports tell me what supplements I should take
    Genetic reports do not directly tell us "You have this gene; therefore, you need to do that." And this is why working with a genetic expert comes into play. Clinically relevant reports (AKA those that don’t get sold via the Internet or at the local store) are not designed to be turnkey solutions. These types of reports often look at one gene at a time and suggest a supplement based on a gene result. We call this line-item genetics! Your genes work in pathways and systems and multiple genes are involved to produce health outcomes. Clinically relevant reports require assessment by a trained practitioner to identify potential inefficiencies. From there, we will likely request additional laboratory testing to validate any inefficiencies. In some cases, and depending on the individual, we may directly recommend a supplement, but 90% of the time, we will recommend a whole food approach to restore those inefficiencies. The human body functions on food. Supplements bring the body to efficiency. Food drives day to day efficiency!
  • Does the type of genetic testing you are offering tell me if I am going to get a devastating disease and die early?
    The type of testing we offer is called genomic testing. This form of testing looks at gene variants called SNPs or “Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms” that respond to diet, lifestyle or exercise modifications. Think of this as the form of genetic testing that provides clues to suggest where to look for efficiencies or inefficiencies in your biochemistry (operating system) that can be improved upon for better health. Genomic testing is a very powerful source of information that allows us to prioritize what needs to be investigated to help you get to your best health. Alternatively, genetic testing provides strategic insight into where to focus your efforts to get to optimal wellness. This is very different from genetic testing that looks for mutations which can be life-threatening and/or need medical management. We do not offer this form of testing.
  • What are the benefits of a genetic test?
    Genetic testing reflects your unique blueprint. It's the plan of how YOU are built! Your blueprint provides the best insights into YOU and removes the guesswork out of "What's wrong with me." Genetic testing provides answers to questions you may have about your health. Additionally, detailed explanations and insights into health trends in your family and whether they apply to you. Imagine knowing ahead of time that you share the same potential for hypertension, but you are in a position to “head if off at the pass!” That is a powerful position to be in. The bottom line: a genetic test gives you deep insights into who you are. It answers questions about potential predispositions, and more importantly, puts you in the powerful position to take intelligent and informed action for your health.
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