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Quick Nutrition Check-in

This is for you if you are wondering if you are doing everything you can for your health, if you are confused as to "what is healthy" and just want some clarity to alleviate the confusion.    If this sounds like you, then this 30-minute check-in or check-up will help you optimize your nutrition & lifestyle habits.  I will ask you to fill out a "Get to Know You" questionnaire that will help guide our conversation.  Next, come to the session with your questions and/or concerns!   I will provide you with resources to help alleviate confusion, provide clarity and assist you in reaching your goals.  A 3-day Food Journal review is provided in this quick session.   

Food Journal reviews are also included in the Nutrition & Lifestyle Package and the Genetic-based Package. 

Discover everything included in this  $99 session below:

Is a Nutrition Check-in right for you?

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