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Lab Results Analysis

Typically, bloodwork is used to assess disease, however, if looked at through a different lens, it can tell so much more. I look at labs through a functional medicine lens and determine patterns that can tell a story even if the labs are considered "normal" through a typical, conventional medicine range.  

I can also use labs to see patterns in athletes that may be overtraining.  Have you been training for an event and wondered if you may be doing too much?  A lab review can help evaluate your current training plan to determine if you may see better results if you change up your training. 


Lab results analysis is also included in the Nutrition & Lifestyle Package and the Genetic-based Package.

* Does not include the cost of the lab test.  If you have not recently had labs done, you can see if your doc will order labs for you or we can discuss labs you can order for yourself. 

Discover what is included in this $139 session below:

Is a Lab Results Analysis right for you?

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