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Women's Health

The main female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are necessary throughout the life cycle for the regulation of puberty, fertility, pregnancy and menopause.  All hormones are made from cholesterol, but how efficiently we create and utilize those hormones can be seen in our genetic variations. The ability to balance your hormones is key throughout a women's lifecycle and an imbalance can show up in a variety of ways. 

Do you suffer from mood swings, cramping, and cravings every cycle?

Do you have hot flashes, moodiness, lack of motivation, forgetfulness, or lack of sex drive?

These issues are hormone related.


Nutrition and lifestyle changes based on your DNA can help improve your hormone balance and alleviate many concerns you may be having each month. 

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Are you pregnant or looking to become pregnant? 

Curious as to the best foods to eat while pregnant?

Wondering what you should be eating after you have the baby for breastfeeding or to lose the baby weight in a safe and healthy way?

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Looking at your DNA will give us a window into what you can be doing now and before you get pregnant to have the happiest and healthiest baby.  Mom's health can influence baby's health for years to come and may influence their health throughout their lives.  A proper nutrition and lifestyle plan can give you the guidance to reach your full health potential before, during and after pregnancy as well as doing all you can to ensure your baby is happy and healthy. 

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Trying to get Pregnant?

Understanding you and your partner's DNA can give us insight into possible nutrient absorption or malabsorption concerns that may affect your ability to get pregnant.  By analyzing your current nutrition and lifestyle habits along with your genetic variations, we can develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan that can give your body the best shot at becoming pregnant.  

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Utilizing your unique genetic map is the quickest and most efficient way to see lasting results; but it is not the only way to get to the root of your concerns.  If you do not have a genetic test or if you are not ready to get one done, don't worry we can get you to that ideal you. By analyzing your symptoms, your goals, your prior health journey as well as family history we can focus on patterns that show us where to start to create a lifestyle plan that can help with symptoms and help you reach your goal.

If you are ready to feel normal again or discuss any pregnancy questions or concerns, please contact us so we can help you! 

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