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Training & Performance

We have all heard, “Train Smarter, Not Harder”. 

Are you looking for that edge?

Do you want to know the best way for you to train?  

Have you ever wondered what training plan will give you the best results?

Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Plant Based, Vegan? 

Will more carbs or more protein help me reach my next goal?

Will caffeine give me that extra boost for my performance or will it cause anxiety and stress before a race?

How much recovery time do I need?  What foods do I need to eat daily to improve recovery?

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Whether you are looking to get to that next level, minimize injury, or just want to know the best way for YOU to train smarter, analyzing your genetics can give you the advantage you have been looking for.  If you work with us, we can take a deep dive into your DNA which gives us a personalized approach to training that gets you to your goals in the most efficient and effective way, while minimizing the potential for injury. Let's work with your unique attributes instead of fighting against them!

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Utilizing your unique genetic map provides personalized information needed to train for maximum performance improvements.  If you do not have a genetic test or if you are not ready to get one, don't worry we can still help.  We can evaluate your current training and nutrition plan along with your goals and develop a unique plan to get you to that next level. 

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If you are ready to reach those goals you have talked about for years, please contact us so we can help get you to that level you have always dreamed of!

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