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Completely virtual,  online  services!  We meet you wherever you are.

3 Month Genetic Based Introductory Starter Package

This if for you if you are ready to take the dive and get a Genetics Test completed and learn how we can use that information to get your personalized health map to discovering your ultimate health, wellness, longevity and performance potential. 

Includes the 3x4 Genetic Test ($349 value)  Click here to discover what you receive in this package.

(Already have a genetic test completed?  Contact us to discover how we can work with you using your current genetic test. )


3 Month Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategy Introductory Package

This if for you if you are not quite ready for a genetic test, but you still want  a personalized approach to discovering your health, wellness,  longevity and performance potential.  The only difference between this package and the genetic based package above is the genetic test.  Click to discover what you receive in this package. 


Wearable Tech Review & Recomendations Package

Let me review your wearable tech data, compile recommendations based on that information as well as educate you on how you can use all this fantastic information. Click to discover what your receive in this package.


DNA Longevity RX Membership

This is our exclusive monthly membership program for those of you ready for a long term commitment to improve your health and longevity.  Click to discover what you receive in this package. 

(Membership only available after completing your 3 month Introductory Package.)


Deep Dive- Advanced Analysis Follow up Sessions

Follow up packages available to continue to dive a bit deeper and to continue work towards your goal, work through any stumbling blocks when life gets in the way and to set you up for success.  

3, 6 and 9 session packages available & can be taken at the frequency you choose

Click to discover what your receive in these packages.  (Follow up sessions only available after completing your 3  month Introductory Package.)


Starting at 

DNA Longevity Signature Meal Planing Program

This is your access to a complete Meal Planning Program.  You will start with a meal plan that is fully customizable with access to an extensive recipe data base.  The program is completely mobile accessible as well, so you will always have it with you!  

Click here to discover additional details about the meal planning program and get your free 14 day trial today!


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